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These reports can be found under the View Statistics Menu and then the Tracks Tab.  They can be downloaded anytime after the last day of the month.  These reports can be sent directly to any licensing agency.

Duration is the playback duration for the track, Frequency is the number of times the track was played, Performances is the number of performances of the track for licensing purposes, and TLH is the total listening hours for the track.

  • Artist name,Album name,Track title,ISRC,Duration,Frequency,Performances,TLH,Type,Other
  • 10cc,,DREADLOCK HOLIDAY,,1,3,3,0.148,3,
  • 10cc,,I`M NOT IN LOVE,,481,3,6,0.43,3,
  • 10cc,,THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE,,191,4,5,0.267,3,
  • 10cc,,THE WALL STREET SHUFFLE,,224,2,2,0.124,3,
  • 5th Dimension,,AQUARIUS/LET THE SUN SHINE IN,,228,4,9,0.641,3,
  • 5th Dimension,,WEDDING BELL BLUES,,155,2,3,0.128,3,
  • Unknown,,?,,179,3,10,0.44,3,
  • Aaron Neville,,Tell It Like It Is,,148,2,3,0.124,3,
  • ABBA,,DANCING QUEEN,,211,2,2,0.117,3,
  • ABBA,,SOS,,198,2,4,0.214,3,
  • ABBA,,WATERLOO,,161,1,1,0.045,3,
  • Ace,,How Long,,87,2,5,0.205,3,
  • Ad Libs,,THE BOY FROM NEW YORK CITY,,176,1,2,0.098,3,
  • Aerosmith,,DREAM ON,,254,2,3,0.212,3,
  • AEROSMITH,,SWEET EMOTION,,264,2,4,0.292,3,
  • AEROSMITH,,TOYS IN THE ATTIC,,174,3,6,0.29,3
  • AEROSMITH,,WALK THIS WAY,,217,1,1,0.06,3
  • AL GREEN,,I`m Still In Love With You,,213,1,1,0.059,3
  • AL GREEN,,TAKE ME TO THE RIVER,,4,3,5,0.189,3
  • Albert Hammond,,IT NEVER RAINS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA,,133,2,4,0.163,3