Shoutcast, Icecast and Video Streaming


  • It MAY sound like a great deal, but they are letting you stream at 32kbps.  That sounds like AM Radio.
  • Go for listeners and not bandwidth.  Companies that sell you streaming with XXXGb of bandwidth will be just billing you extra each month when you go over their bandwidth.
  • Don't believe them when they say that their popup player will make you lots of click thru money each month.  Nobody clicks on those ads.  The listener is there to listen, not click on silly ads that have NOTHING to do with your radio station.
  • Let us help you build your own Popup Player that can have ads from your advertisers on it and you make ALL the money.
  • Stop letting these streaming companies rip you off with overcharged monthly fees.  We will treat you right.  Never any extra charges.