Shoutcast, Icecast and Video Streaming




Our App Features Include

  • Display your stations Logo
  • Listen Live
  • Song Requests
  • Display your Facebook Page
  • Display your Twitter Page
  • Show all of your Stations Contact Info
  • Display News RSS Feed
  • Display Sports RSS Feed
  • Display the album art of the song currently playing
  • Display the weather
  • Display just about anything.

Here are some of our recent apps

Just search the app stores for any of these apps.  Most can be found in the Google Play store and then iTunes App Store, Windows Phone Store and then Blackberry World.

iPhone Android


Price List

Make both iPhone and Droid

$299.99 Per Year

Make me an iPhone or a Droid app
$200.00 Per Year Per App

Add more station streams to an app. If you want to add 3 new stations to your app, make the quantity, 3 on the next screen. 
$50 per station added on

Major Upgrade Fee

Change Graphics or change App Name, add a major feature to your app will require an upgrade fee.  These upgrades will require resubmission to the app stores.

All other updates are free and Instant and do not require resubmission to the app stores.

$125.00 Per Major Update

After you place your order, please go to Step 2 to customize your apps.