Shoutcast, Icecast and Video Streaming




You can request to add your station to TuneIn by accepting our terms and conditions using the online form.

From the broadcaster submission page, please be aware of the following:

*Please make sure that your streaming URL is correctly written and is active. If the stream is not active 24 hours a day, please provide us the times (including your time zone) and days the stream is active in the comments section.

*Links to web players and streams that require a login or include a temporary key somewhere in the URL will not be accepted.

*Files in either .mp3, .m3u or .pls format, and in at least 32 kbps for spoken content and 64 kbps for music, are highly preferred. A good way to confirm the stream you are submitting is formatted properly, we recommend testing the URL in a media player like VLC or WinAmp. In most (but not all) cases, if the URL is working in either of these media players, it will be playable on Tunein.

*Avoid using ALL CAPS. Unless your station name includes an acronym, call letters or uses "AM" or "FM" in the title, please only capitalize the first letter of each word. For example, submitting a station name "This Radio Station FM" is preferred over "THIS RADIO STATION FM."

Please be sure to complete all of the requested information. After we receive your submission, we'll send an email confirming when your station has been added to our directory. Once you have successfully added your station, please consider using our embed player to promote your visibility on TuneIn by going to our Promote Your Content page.