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Digital Juke Box




Do you use The Digital Juke Box Automation?

If you use an old version from 2012 or earlier, Go to the utilities menu and select Shoutcast Settings.

If you used The Digital Juke Box II then go to Master Settings and in the upper right you will see a button called Shoutcast Settings.  Press that button.

You will then see the following screen:

  • If you just have one stream, just fill out Stream 1 Host column. If you have two streams for this station, then fill out both Stream 1 and Stream 2 and so on...
  • For Remote Host use or
  • Place your Port Numbers in the Port Field.
  • Place your passwords in the password field.
  • Check the Enable ShoutCast box at the top of the screen.
  • And when any audio cut not listed as music play, what would you like to display?  IE: We will be back after these messages.
  • Then Click Save
  • Then exit the on-air screen in your control room and go back into the on-air screen to reload these settings.

Do you use The Simian Automation System?

On the onair system, click on the Tools Menu at the top of the screen and select Program Options.

Then click the tab HTML.  This is where you will see the following screen.

  • At the top of the screen, Check the box Dynamic HTML 1
  • Then in the Template field, type:  C:\BSI32\StreamMyStation.htm
  • In the Destination field, type:  C:\BSI32\StreamMyStationNowPlaying.htm
  • Then Click OK and this will save these changes to your Simian.

Let's create the template file now.

  • Open My Computer
  • Dbl-Click the C: Drive
  • Dbl-Click the BSI32 folder
  • Right-Click on any empty part of the screen and select NEW, then select TXT Document.
  • You will see your new document and can now edit the file name to StreamMyStation.txt
  • Now open that empty document by dbl-clicking on it.
  • Now paste the following line into it:  <!--BSIARTIST--> - <!--BSITITLE-->
  • Now Save and close that document.
  • Highlight the document and press the F2 key and rename it from StreamMyStation.txt to StreamMyStation.htm

Now to setup the edcast or oddcast streaming software to read your MetaData file.

  • On the streaming computer, click the Metadata Edit button at the top of the screen.
  • Now go down the the File and click the file button and enter:  C:\BSI32\StreamMyStationNowPlaying.htm
  • The C: drive may need to be changed if you have to go across your network to get to the onair systems BSI32 folder.
  • Change the Interval (secs) to 15
  • Then Click OK to save these settings.
  • All should work fine from this point forward.


Do you use The WireReady ControlReady System?

Anyone using V12.001 or later of WireReady's ControlReady software, would enable the following lines in their onair machine's "user ini file" to support StreamMyStation

[RDS] group

file-based-output-format=StreamMyStation  (case insensitive)
Master Enable=Yes
DefaultCategory={category}  ( whatever they want us to treat an audio file that has no category in their wireready library assigned to it)
Categories={category1,category2…}  i.e MUSIC   (if they just want music passed out RDS)
Enable1=Yes   (where 1 is automation deck 1 if that's the scheduler deck they use for playout
file-based-output-path=  whatever path they need us to write the now playing file

How to ask your Automation System about sending the artist and title

We would like the automation system to output a 1 line text file called "nowplaying.txt" with the artist and title of just the songs that play.  Every time a song plays, delete nowplaying.txt and write a new file called nowplaying.txt with the artist - title and when a song is not playing, please create a one line file called nowplaying.txt that just has a space in the line.
The file should contain a line like this.
Abba - Dancing Queen