Shoutcast, Icecast and Video Streaming





When you install our software, it will install in such a way that when your computer reboots, it will automatically start running.

Main Screen

For a good audio level, keep the meters just hitting the red on the right of the meters.  This way your audio will be nice and loud without distorting to the listeners.  In the Live recording frame, choose the audio card and the input to stream from.


Basic Settings

By Double Clicking on an encoder setting, you will be able to adjust the configuration for that stream.

  • Bitrates can be any of these 3 depending on the streaming plan that you ordered.
    • 32
    • 64
    • 128
  • Sample Rate can be 22050, 32000 or 44100 we recommend:
    • 22050 for 32k bitrate
    • 44100 for 64k or 128k bitrates
  • Channels can be 1 for Mono or 2 for Stereo  we recommend:
    • 1 for 32k and 64k bitrates
    • 2 for 128k bitrates
  • Encoder Type should always be MP3Lame
  • Server Type is Always Shoutcast
  • Server IP is always
  • Your password as emailed to you
  • MountPoint is always /stream
  • Reconnect Seconds can be left at 5

YP Settings


YP Settings stands for Yellow Pages Settings.  Click the YP Settings button to adjust these settings.

  • Public Server should always be checked.  This will insure that your stream is listed on the ShoutCast Stream Directory for others to listen to.  If unchecked, you will be a private stream and not listed in the ShoutCast Stream Directory.
  • You MUST have a Stream Name.  IE:  MyRadio104.5
  • Stream Description can be left empty
  • Stream URL of your website and it MUST start with http:// IE:
  • The Stream Genre MUST also contain a value like Pop, Oldies, Christian, Modern Country, etc...
  • The last 3 fields should remain empty or N/A